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The Tale of Teegan’s Try

By Ronan OShea

Ode to Teegan Minkley (18/05/2018) by the Lineside Lion

When they ask you who it was that scored the last try of the game?
You can tell them that he played for us. Teegan Minkley is his name.
“Yeah, I know Teegan. He’s a real good bloke.
He lent me 40 bucks when he knew I was flat broke.”

“He unblocked my drain and fixed my pipes” (He is by trade a plumber).
“I hear he outran Usain Bolt and he’s not too bad a runner”.
“I saw him delivering homeless meals, to the down and out”.
“I heard he’s Tom Cruise’s stunt double and has some Hollywood-type clout”.

“He was invited to the Royal wedding, but he turned them down to play”.
(Meghan was disappointed, but Harry said “It’s OK”).
Now everyone has a Teegan tale, their favourite Teegan story
and by association we bask in his reflected glory.

If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships,
Then this tale has probably been told by now by a thousand lips.
And with every telling grows, as does a real good yarn.
To hear it told Teegan now started his run from back in the car park!

Ninety-five points is a fantastic game of rugby
and every man played his part and is a part of this story.
But when the chips were down and we needed to come back from behind,
It was individual brilliance that went and turned the tide.

He planted his right foot and stepped, the tectonic plates they shook
Then took off like a dog shot at or like a headless chook.
He showed the ball and danced around, a dervish in red, white and blue
I only watched the video but I felt like I was right there too.

And in the narrowest of margins he took on another 2 and won
right in front of ARK'S grandstand, just to show ‘em how it’s done.
He brought the Lions' victory and honour to his name
and broke the hearts of Harrsidale with how he played the game.

Shannen is now suggesting, “Sione, I like the sound of Teegan”.
“Boy or girl it works just fine”. Poor Sione’s looking beaten.
And the man himself is happy just with a job well done.
He'll have recovered from the hangover by the time Tuesday training comes.

And when they ask of Harrisdale, when the Lions defeated ARKS
You tell them it was a great team win, everyone played their part.
But when they ask you who it was that scored the last try of the game?
You can tell them that he played for us. Teegan Minkley is his name.

THANK YOU to Andrew Mayberry for the photo.

Updated 02:30 - 13 Jun 2018 by Ronan OShea


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